Fao: OCA Assessors Please follow the links below to the assignment preparation, assignments, tutor feedback, and my comments on the feedback. Student Number: 512301   Assignment 1 Assignment 1 Tutor Feedback Assignment 1 Student Feedback and Amendments Assignment 1   Assignment 2 Assignment 2 Preparation Assignment 2 Tutor Feedback Assignment 2 Student Feedback and Amendments […]

Once again the overall comments from my tutor were positive, “It’s great to see the continuing evidence of your close engagement with the course materials and tangential reading in this final assignment”. Assignment 5 is linked here. My tutor asked me to comment on my choice of American artists as an “exclusive point of reference” […]

My girlfriend and I have been planning a year long, round-world trip, having secured career breaks from our respective employers. The trip is something we’ve talked about doing for many years. Now that we are on the brink of its realization, I’m regularly reminded by a concerned, yet cajoling colleague, of various scenarios which could […]

The brief for the fifth assignment asks the student to “construct a stand-alone image of your choice. Alternatively you may choose to make a series, elaborating on the same theme. The only stipulation is that you produce work that has been controlled and directed by you for a specific purpose.” I began this assignment by […]

The feedback from my tutor on the fourth assignment was very encouraging, “this reads well.., I found both the picture and your write up fascinating”. For the third assignment, I used ancestral research to help inform my submission. Finding more enjoyment and motivation in a personal approach to that assignment, I again turned to photographs […]

Record a real conversation with a friend. (It’s up to you whether you ask permission or not). Before listening to the recording, write your account of both sides of the conversation. Then listen to the recording and make some notes of the discrepancies. Perhaps there are unfinished sentences, stammers, miscommunications etc. I carried out this […]

Nicky Bird’s series, Question for Seller, explores the value and contemporary relevance of old unwanted family photographs. The series is made from old family photographs Bird acquired on eBay. Bird was the sole bidder for each of the lots she acquired. Each seller was asked the following question: “How did you come across the photos, […]