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Assignment 2: Feedback

My tutor was very prompt in returning his feedback on my submission for Assignment Two. I, on the hand have been slow in officially reflecting upon that feedback. It was probably a little premature of me to tackle self-portraiture as part of the second assignment, when the next section of the course covers the genre […]

Assignment 2 – Photographing the Unseen

In my post on the preparation for this assignment, I mentioned that there were two options, Photographing the unseen or Using props. I chose the former. The assignment brief asked that I make a list of things that I’ve been ‘experiencing now or have recently been thinking about’¬†which are deemed to be un-photographable. The list […]

Assignment 2 – Preparation

This assignment presented two options. The first proposed a reflection on subjects that might be seen as un-photographable and questions how one might go about portraying them using photography. The second option is about choosing one of two objects to suggest a narrative. The objects suggested are a white shirt or a handkerchief. The challenge […]