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Assignment 5 – Making it up

My girlfriend and I have been planning a year long, round-world trip, having secured career breaks from our respective employers. The trip is something we’ve talked about doing for many years. Now that we are on the brink of its realization, I’m regularly reminded by a concerned, yet cajoling colleague, of various scenarios which could […]

Project 2.1: Question for Seller

Nicky Bird’s series, Question for Seller, explores the value and contemporary relevance of old unwanted family photographs. The series is made from old family photographs Bird acquired on eBay. Bird was the sole bidder for each of the lots she acquired. Each seller was asked the following question: “How did you come across the photos, […]

Insomnia – Jeff Wall

This exercise asks that students read and reflect upon Sharon Boothroyd’s blog post entitled, Beneath the Surface. In the blog post, Boothroyd applies photographic theory to the image, Insomnia, by Jeff Wall, in an effort to deconstruct and decipher the image’s meaning. Having already studied Liz Jobey’s comprehensive essay, A young Brooklyn family going for a Sunday […]