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Assignment 2 – Preparation

This assignment presented two options. The first proposed a reflection on subjects that might be seen as un-photographable and questions how one might go about portraying them using photography. The second option is about choosing one of two objects to suggest a narrative. The objects suggested are a white shirt or a handkerchief. The challenge […]

Assignment 1 – Feedback

‘I’m especially pleased to see you engaging straight away with photography as a visual language, which is the priority of C&N after the strongly technical and visual skills approach of TAOP’. The above comment from my tutor, Robert Bloomfield, gives the gist of the positive side of his feedback on my first assignment. There were […]

Jeff Rich – The Watershed Project

I looked at The Watershed Project by Jeff Rich as part of my research for assignment one. My tutor thought it a good idea to write a blog post on the subject. I generally prefer to keep my research information for each module in a PDF document that I create using the digital note-taking program, NoteLedge. […]