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Project 5.2 – The Real and The Digital

‘The Real and the Digital’ – Liz Wells     Does digital photography change how we see photography as truth? Consider both sides of the argument. In her book, Photography – A Critical Introduction, Liz Wells questions photography’s (digital photography) ‘special ability to show things as they are’, and raises ‘serious doubts about those genres with a […]

Project 5.1 – The Manipulated Image

This exercise required me to use digital software to create a composite image which visually appears to be a documentary photograph but which could never actually be. I had the opportunity to take a photograph of a carfire with my iPhone, and decided that a superhero theme could be interesting for this exercise. I settled […]

Project 4 – Public Order

Sarah Pickering explores the training and training facilities used by emergency services personnel through her photographic practice. This exercise asks me to take a closer look at her series entitled, Public Order.  How do Pickering’s images make you feel? This question is quite difficult to answer without some level of influence by the course textbook. […]

Project 3: Reportage – Street Photography

This exercise required me to shoot a series of images in a street photography style, in both colour, and black and white, and comment on the differences between the two formats. Rather than using one street, I decided to follow a route through Limerick city which I often take on Saturday mornings on my way […]

Project 2: Photojournalism

This exercise asks that the student read three critical viewpoint essays on photography, and answer a series of questions. The viewpoints are those of: Martha Rosler, Susan Sontag and Abigail Solomon-Godeau (essays are referenced below).  Do you think that Martha Rosler is unfair on socially driven photographers like Lewis Hine? Jacob Riis and Lewis Hine […]

Project 1: Eyewitnesses ?

The opening exercise in Context and Narrative explores objectivity in photography, particularly documentary and photojournalism. The exercise required me to select photographs from newspaper stories of emergencies, and discuss whether or not the photographs are objective. The Macmillan Dictionary defines objectivity as ‘the ability to make decisions based on fact rather on your own person […]