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Project 2.2: Record a real conversation

Record a real conversation with a friend. (It’s up to you whether you ask permission or not). Before listening to the recording, write your account of both sides of the conversation. Then listen to the recording and make some notes of the discrepancies. Perhaps there are unfinished sentences, stammers, miscommunications etc. I carried out this […]

Project 2.1: Question for Seller

Nicky Bird’s series, Question for Seller, explores the value and contemporary relevance of old unwanted family photographs. The series is made from old family photographs Bird acquired on eBay. Bird was the sole bidder for each of the lots she acquired. Each seller was asked the following question: “How did you come across the photos, […]

Research Point: Gregory Crewdson

Watch the linked video about Gregory Crewdson and his work, and consider the following questions.   Do you think there is more to this work than aesthetic beauty? I believe Crewdson’s images go far beyond aesthetic beauty. They appear more in line with stills from a movie than photographs. Interestingly, the images are produced with […]

Project 1: Goodfellas

This exercise asks that the student watch the famous long-take scene from Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas, and answer the questions below. The scene from Goodfellas is linked here. What does this scene tell you about the main character ? The scene reveals the main character, Henry Hill, to be well known and connected. He appears dapper, […]