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Project 3: Nigel Shafran

This exercise asks me to answer a number of questions regarding the series, Washing-up 2000, by photographer Nigel Shafran. Nigel Shafran Nigel Shafran began his photography career in the fashion industry. He later realised that fashion was not what he ‘wanted to pursue, because of the way it depicts women, and the aspirational values it […]

Research Point: Woodman, Brotherus and Wearing

Francesca Woodman Francesca Woodman was a photographer best known for her work which explores issues of gender representation and the female body, often portraying dark psychological states and disturbing scenes. Many of her photographs are shot in decaying buildings and feature her nude body or those of other models who are often indistinguishable from her […]

Project 3 – Photographing the Unseen

This exercise looks at three OCA students, who use metaphor to portray the ideas in their personally driven projects. Peter Mansell suffered a spinal chord injury as a result of a traffic accident when he was 20. He has spent much of his life using a wheelchair. His project explores the affect his injury has […]