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Assignment 2 – Photographing the Unseen

In my post on the preparation for this assignment, I mentioned that there were two options, Photographing the unseen or Using props. I chose the former. The assignment brief asked that I make a list of things that I’ve been ‘experiencing now or have recently been thinking about’¬†which are deemed to be un-photographable. The list […]

Assignment 2 – Preparation

This assignment presented two options. The first proposed a reflection on subjects that might be seen as un-photographable and questions how one might go about portraying them using photography. The second option is about choosing one of two objects to suggest a narrative. The objects suggested are a white shirt or a handkerchief. The challenge […]

William Eggleston

Sean O’Hagan of The Guardian newspaper writes that ‘William Eggleston is perhaps the most innovative American photographer of the past 50 years whose unique style has transformed the way we look at the world.’ Sofia Coppola says that ‘it was the beauty of the banal detail that was inspirational.’ My favourite introduction to William Eggleston […]

Serendipity Exhibition – Brighton Photography

While visiting a relative in Brighton recently, I called into Brighton Photography Gallery at 52-53 Kings Road Arches. The Gallery was running an exhibition entitled ‘Serendipity’. The exhibition is introduced as “celebrating the uniquely atmospheric and colourful work of two of Brighton’s most creative photographers, Toby ‘Fotobes’ Mason and Steve Wrigley”. I found the exhibition […]