Monthly Archives: September 2015

Project 1: Autobiographical Self-Portraiture

Having explored the use of self-portraiture in the work of Francesca Woodman, Elina Brotherus and Gillian Wearing, this exercise asks that I reflect on their work by answering a number of questions. My research of the above mentioned photographers can be viewed in the form of the following blog post. How do these images make […]

Father Browne’s First World War

I recently visited an exhibition at The Hunt Museum in Limerick entitled, Father Browne’s First World War. The exhibition features selected images depicting army life and the hardship of the trenches during the First World War. Father Browne’s introduction to photography was in 1897, when his uncle Robert, Bishop of Cloyne gave him a camera […]

Research Point: Woodman, Brotherus and Wearing

Francesca Woodman Francesca Woodman was a photographer best known for her work which explores issues of gender representation and the female body, often portraying dark psychological states and disturbing scenes. Many of her photographs are shot in decaying buildings and feature her nude body or those of other models who are often indistinguishable from her […]