Project 5.1 – The Manipulated Image

This exercise required me to use digital software to create a composite image which visually appears to be a documentary photograph but which could never actually be.

I had the opportunity to take a photograph of a carfire with my iPhone, and decided that a superhero theme could be interesting for this exercise. I settled on a self-portrait, and felt that the inclusion of the camera within the frame aided in selling the documentary aspect (highly unlikely) of the final shot. My knowledge of Photoshop is quite limited, but after viewing a number of tutorials, and a little experimentation, I arrived at a relatively simple method.

The method

1. File Menu, Open both images in Photoshop

2. Select Menu, select All of the carfire image,

3. Edit Menu, Copy

4. Edit Menu, Paste carfire image onto the portrait image

5. Edit Menu, Free Transform – size and position flames

6. Layer Window, adjust opacity of flames so as to see portrait

7. Eraser Tool, erase unwanted areas of carfire image

8. File Menu, Save As, jpeg

9. Import jpeg into Adobe Lightroom for final adjustments


Final Image

The Final Image

Overall I’m pleased with the outcome of this exercise. I learned a little more about Photoshop and generally found the exercise to be a bit of fun.


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