Project 3: Reportage – Street Photography

This exercise required me to shoot a series of images in a street photography style, in both colour, and black and white, and comment on the differences between the two formats. Rather than using one street, I decided to follow a route through Limerick city which I often take on Saturday mornings on my way to the outdoor market, the Milk Market.

Colour Series

Black and White Series

I discovered that while working in black and white, my attention focused on scenes that had a good range of tones, and I often tried to include elements of design, shadows or figures passing through the frame. While working in colour, I found that I was drawn towards scenes with bright and vibrant colour combinations or accents.

What difference does colour make?

For me, the colour series is closer to the vibrant energy of the streets that I walked through on the morning of the shoot. Colour also allows the series to be established as quite recent or current. The colour images are more successful in creating a narrative and connecting with the viewer, while the black and white images seem to distance the viewer from the subject, introducing a feeling of isolation.

Which series do you prefer, and why?

There are a couple of black and white images that I really like. However, I feel that the colour images work better together as a series, and give a greater sense of energy and community.



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